In our church tradition we have Elders. The Elders are the leaders of our church family. Together they are the Kirk Session and are responsible, along with the minister, for the life of the church. It is the elder’ responsibility along with the minister to prayerfully seek God’s leading and guidance and make decisions. The Elders are also called to lead the way in sharing the good news of Jesus (in all its forms) to those in the congregation and those in the parish. At South St. Nicholas we have male and female elders with a wide range of God given gifts and experience and backgrounds. The Bible is clear that leaders are to be lovers of Jesus and people and of good character (See 1 Timothy Chapters 3-6, Titus and 1 Peter Chapter 5 for more details).



The congregation is the South St. Church family. The church family is made up of members and friends. Many gather together on Sundays at 10:30am  and at 6:30pm and during the week. Some are no longer able. As a church family we value getting together to worship Jesus and hear from him from the Bible. As a church family we spend most of our week scattered throughout our community and city.


As previously mentioned…we are here because of and for Jesus. We are an open, friendly and welcoming group of people who come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and backgrounds. Many of us have journeyed through life with each other and with Jesus for a long time. Some of us, Jesus has brought into the church family more recently All of us are learning and growing and responding to Jesus’ call to follow him, to make disciples and to love the people of Cove and Kincorth and Aberdeen. All are welcome – sceptics, questioners and seekers too!


Dee View Court


A new congregation was formed in Dee View Court in 2012 after an Alpha course. The Dee View church family gathers together every Wednesday afternoon at 2:30pm. Many in this new worshipping community describe their faith in Jesus “coming alive” in the last couple of years. (For more details see www.sueryder.org/What-we-do/Care-centres/Dee-View-Court)

The Parish

The Church of Scotland operates a parish system. This means that each church family is called not just to look after its own but to be and share the good news of Jesus to its local community. We are called not just to work for the people in the Kincorth and Cove but to work with the people in the community for the well-being of everyone. This means, that when able, we can work with other people and partners and organisations because as well as being part of team Jesus and team South St. Nicholas, we are also part of the wider community of Kincorth and Cove see Working in Partnership to see how this is developing.


Meet The Parish Minister

Meet The



Working in Partnership!


We have recently started a new partnership with our friends in Torry St Fittick's Church and this is at a very early stage with some exciting changes in the future.

In December it was decided by the Presbyery of Aberdeen that the former Parish of Cove should be redefined, with us in South St Nicholas Church expanding our Parish area to include Cove, Old Cove and Charleston. Our friends in Torry will expand to take in the Area of Tullos and Altens!


Presbyery have also allocated resources to assist us in the new mission areas in the expanded Parish and we are praying and seeking Gods plan for new workers who will join the team here in South St Nicholas and in Torry St Fitticks!


Watch out for new news!

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